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Driller®. The new way to drill.

Driller®. The exclusive system that saves time on work sites and boosts your productivity for drilling operations. The hydraulic and fully automatic Driller® fits on to most existing mechanical shovels and is powered by an accessory line thanks to the 2 system. Driller® is silent, without exhaust gases, and is easy to maintain. It ensures high precision core drilling with incredible ease!

2+Hydraulic and fully automatic drilling system.

3 times the productivity of manual drilling :

  • More comfort and savety
  • Time-saving
  • Increased productivity
  • Long life of diamond tools

Universal connection :

Suitable for use on a wide range of hydraulic shovels (3,5 to 14 tonnes) without modification.


Comfort and safety :

The operator works in total safety. No longer near the machine (reduced risk in a trench or on the road).


Complete drilling autonomy :

Automatic water spray system through a pump driven by the hydraulic drilling motor and a removable 75 litre tank.

Quality :

Very precise multidirectional drilling, without distortion and with superior quality. Ideal for fitting packing seals and gaskets.

Applications :

  • roadworks
  • installation of street furniture or traffic signage
  • ground drainage, sewage disposal, etc.

Connections :

Hydraulic 2 bidirectional 1/2" gaz
Water 1/4" gaz

Dimensions and weight :

Height 1205 mm
Width 510 mm
Depth 510 mm
Weight (without tank) tank 300 40 kg

Technical details :

Power 16,5 KW
Maximum acceptable pressure 350 bars
Working pressure 200 bars
Maximum acceptable discharge rate 120 L/Min.
Minimum acceptable discharge rate 50 L/Min.
Maximum water pressure 5 bars
Min. drilling diameter 100 mm
Max. drilling diameter 400 mm
Diamond tool travel 400 mm
Speed rotation 300 T/Min.
Drill adapter 1"1/4 UNC
Tank capacity 75 Litres
Regulated automatic tool travel
Mechanical connection
Adjustable plate for quick attachment

Compatibility :

Adaptable on all machines. Contact your dealer for more information.